Saturday, September 27, 2008

Poetic Scents

I finally got my cup of pumpkin spice coffee! I enjoyed every drop of it. Something about the smell and flavor just speaks fall with each sip.

I love the changing of the seasons. One of the things I enjoy most about Pennsylvania is that there are four distinct seasons. I like each one, but there is no doubt that fall is my favorite. Fall inspires me, motivates me, energizes me, and yet relaxes me. This week I have been in a flurry of fall decorating, baking, and sewing. Autumn puts me in the mood to be creative, to fill my house with beautiful colors, aromas, and flavors.

Today is my "miscellaneous" day, so I'm just rambling a bit. Instead of a devotional-type thought for the conclusion of the week, I want to share a poem just for fun. It sums up my feelings about each of the seasons God gives us. Thanks for dropping by this week. I hope you'll be back soon!

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Elbows rest upon my kneecaps,
Cupped hands underneath my chin,
Breathing steam upon the window,
Watching snowflakes dance and spin.

Snuggled up in something fuzzy,
Sipping chocolate warm and sweet,
Curled up like a caterpillar
In my cozy window seat.

Warmer panes against my shoulder,
Spring's sweet scent is in the air,
Bursting buds and baby bunnies
I am seeing everywhere.

Making plans to clean and garden
As I hear the steady beat,
Dreaming dreams and counting raindrops
In my cozy window seat.

Summer days are hot and hazy,
Evenings filled with summer's glow,
Weddings, picnics and vacations
Keep me running to and fro.

But when twilight falls around me,
Seeking refuge from the heat,
I slip in and watch the fireflies
From my cozy window seat.

Fingertips touch glass now chilly,
Glorious days and brisk, cool eves,
Watching as the autumn sunsets
Match the colors of the trees.

Looking for a place to run to
When I need a safe retreat,
Finding all I rest contented
In my cozy window seat.

Copyright 2003 Niki Lott